Winter is Coming: Hands-on Beekeeping Workshop


Fall is almost upon us! For beekeepers, that signals the end of the summer lull and beginning of winter preparations. Now is time for harvesting, feeding, re-arranging, insulating, securing hives and finally... closing up our hives for duration of the winter months. We will guide you through the winterization process from beginning to end, making sure you have all the necessary knowledge to ensure a safe winter passage for your bees.

Topics to be covered:

  • Honey harvesting
  • Fall and winter feeding
  • Winter hive configurations
  • Pest prevention
  • Insulation techniques
  • Securing hives for winter weather

Our hands-on workshops provide students with the opportunity to interact with active Langstroth, Top Bar and Warre hives.

Each 4-hour session will have a seasonally relevant focus based on what the bees are doing at that point in time. We will provide suits, tools, general hive inspection checklists and will guide students through full hive inspections.


September 9
10a to 2p


The B&B Educational Apiary
(Directions will be provided via email following registration.)




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