Hive Consultation - by Bee & Bloom

Hive Consultation

If you would like some one-on-one help with your hives (or if you're having a beemergency!), we are available to help you out! Consultation services may include:

  • A meeting to set-up your seasonal management plan
  • Hive set-up (assembly, painting, and placement)
  • Bee installation (packages, nucs, or swarms)
  • Hive splits
  • Correcting cross-comb
  • Varroa mite sampling
  • Mite response and treatment
  • Troubleshooting and hive diagnostics
  • Regular maintenance inspection
  • Honey harvest
  • Requeening
  • Combining hives
  • Swarm catching
  • Pest prevention (yellow jackets, mice, ants, etc.)
  • Winterizing

Click below to request a consultation, and a Bee & Bloom consultant will be in touch shortly! 

Consultations are $60 for the first hour, and $30 for each additional half hour. Mileage may be charged outside of the Portland Metro area. Remote consultations can be arranged via Skype or a similar platform.

The reason for the season

Bee season is right around the corner!

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