Beekeeping Mentorship - by Bee & Bloom

Beekeeping Mentorship

One of the quickest paths to successful beekeeping is working alongside someone with experience. There’s no better way to learn how to read a hive and manage them strategically! In our mentorship program, we will come out for routine maintenance trips once per month during the beekeeping season and will leave you with a plan for what needs to be done before the next visit.

Our mentorship services are designed to provide you with all the support you need to become successful beekeeper, and a second pair of eyes to ensure that your hives are on the right track.

Cost varies based on number of hives, style of hives and your location. Click below to request a mentorship quote, and we will get back to you right away to arrange a one-hour consultation!

This service is available in Portland, Ore. and the surrounding areas

The reason for the season

Bee season is right around the corner!

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