Old Blue Packages & Nucs are available for Portland pick-up at the Bee & Bloom apiary at Willow Bar Farm on Sauvie Island. These Oregon-mated bees are bred for mite resistance and PNW weather; they are hardy and prolific, and we have personally had a wonderful experience working with them! We are excited to help make them available to the Portland beekeeping community.

5 Frame Nuc

With overwintered
Old Blue Queen


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April 14

3lb Package

With Oregon-mated
Old Blue Queen


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May 5 & 19

 | Bee & Bloom

About the Bees

From Old Blue: “The selection process for Old Blue queens is complicated and subjective, but a few traits we specifically look for are varroa-sensitive hygienic behavior (for surviving unavoidable varroa mite parasitism), ability to fly in cool temperatures and adverse weather conditions (for bringing in nectar and pollen resources as a food source for the colony as well as surplus for human harvest), strong spring buildup of population, wing power (for foraging longer distances), and a resistance to brood diseases.

Although it is possible to maintain treatment-free bee colonies, and these honeybees have been bred for mite and disease resistance (among other traits), the hives will be more likely to survive with regular management and recommended mite treatments. Beekeeping is more complicated and more challenging every year, and even if you do your best with current information and recommendations, hives may still fail at fairly high rates.

We will do our best to provide customers with healthy, thriving bee colonies, but after they leave our premises, they are 100% your responsibility, and we assume no liability for any possible problems or failures. It is important to transport colonies in a timely manner with plenty of airflow to their final location (preferably within an hour).”

For more information on Old Blue, check out their website here!

Important Notes

  • Supply is limited, so we recommend ordering early! If we are sold out of the type of nuc or package that you are interested in, you can contact us to be put on the waitlist.

  • Colonies must be pre-ordered online and paid for in full before the pick-up date. Unclaimed packages and nucs will be sold to customers on the waiting list.

  • Should your circumstances change, orders must be canceled two weeks before the pick-up date to receive a refund (minus the processing fee).

  • Due to the nature of working with live animals, pick-up dates are subject to change.

Need Some Help?

In addition to our regular consultation and management services, we will be offering delivery and installation for nucs and packages! We would be happy to provide an estimate if you’re interested in this service.

Also, check out our Foundations of Beekeeping Series! We've got upcoming 101, 201 & 301 lecture courses, where we'll explore bee biology, seasonal management, and IPM practices. Students will walk away with a solid understanding of fundamental beekeeping practices and a management plan for the year. More information here!