Hive to Home: Honey & Beeswax Processing


It's our favorite (and the stickiest) time of year - the honey harvest! Our honeybees have toiled tirelessly all spring and summer, and their hard work has paid off in the form of beautiful combs full of honey. After determining how much our bees need to comfortably survive the winter, we remove the excess honey... and then what?

In this workshop, we will be walking you through our favorite ways to turn that honeycomb into people-friendly products: cut comb honey, jarred honey and clean beeswax than can be used in candles, body products and more. We will also explore honeybee biology and discuss how honey and beeswax are made, and what roles they play in the honeybee lifecycle. Each attendee will leave with a 2 oz jar of honey from the B&B apiary!

Note: As foundationless beekeepers, we do subscribe to the "crush & strain" method of honey harvesting, and will be demonstrating that method in this workshop. 


Wednesday, October 11th
6p to 8p


Global Homestead Collective
416 SE Oak St. Portland, OR 97214




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Bee season is right around the corner!

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