Beekeeping 301: Varroa Mites, Pests & Disease

In Beekeeping 201, we covered beekeeping management throughout the seasons. In this course, we will be diving into different beekeeping philosophies and discussing how to craft a sustainable, bee-centric management style. We will also break down Integrated Pest Management strategies, with an emphasis on varroa mite management. 

We will cover: 

*Beekeeping philosophies (conventional, treatment-free, Darwinian)
*Sustainable beekeeping practices
*Pest & disease identification
*Integrated Pest Management strategies
*Varroa mite testing and response

This course will be operated with an assumed knowledge of beginning beekeeping topics. Check out our Beekeeping 101 and Beekeeping 201 courses, and receive a discounted rate on all three courses here


Sunday, November 17
6:30p - 8:30p






Advance registration is appreciated, as all events are subject to time and location changes.

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