Bee & Bloom: The Bee-ginning - by Bee & Bloom

Bee & Bloom: The Bee-ginning

This project has been in the works for a MINUTE, folks. We have clocked countless hours thinking, typing, dreaming, and planning, so actually posting this on the website to share with other human beings feels pretty damn good. I’m never one to pass up on a good bee pun, so even though my mom might be the only person who reads this (hi, mom!) - I’m going relate to you the story of our humble bee-ginnings.

A few years ago...

An uphill battle with migraines and depression sent me on a quest for answers. I was uninterested in the fistful of prescriptions the doctors kept pushing, so I turned to my own research. I was promptly bowled over by an avalanche of confusing, conflicting and abundant health advice. The minute I thought I had something figured out, I came across a study that pointed in the opposite direction. I slowly began to dig my way through all of the health-related books, documentaries and medical articles that I could get my hands on, and my understanding of health was slowly redefined as I learned about the direct and powerful impact that diet has on the human body. After lots of foot-stomping and fist shaking, I ended up making a shift toward a primarily plant-based diet. This was my gateway drug into the world of holistic and sustainable living. It sent me down a rabbit hole that has completely changed my life. 


Around the same time, my #1 homie, Olivia, was struggling with some severe skin problems. After throwing a ton of money and time at expensive treatments and products, she was equally as desperate for answers. She stumbled on some homemade skin care recipes and decided to go nuclear. After ditching all the expensive commercial products that had accumulated on her bathroom shelf, she began to create her own skin care regimen from scratch. Many DIY honey masks, face scrubs and body creams later, she became a bonafide expert on happy, healthy skin. 


Fast forward a few years, and you’ve got a couple of sticky-faced, beekeeping, plant-cooking nerds (according to our friends and families, anyways). Throughout this journey, our eyes have been opened to the fact that as brilliant and wonderful as human beings are, we have made some critical missteps that have left us with lots of unhealthy people and a damaged planet. We stumbled across a beautiful movement of people learning to live in a way that encourages vitality and well-being for ourselves, our communities and our environment.


Having found incredible value in studying the experiences of others (good and bad), I am sharing my experiences in hopes that others might benefit from my learning process, mistakes and occasional strokes of brilliance. We’re all in this together. 



The reason for the season

Bee season is right around the corner!

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