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Honey Face Masks: Your Skin's New Best Friend

Honey is the lifeblood of a beehive. The oldest of the worker bees work (until their bodies begin to deteriorate - brutal) to store up honey and pollen to eat through the winter. To put it briefly, honey bees gather nectar from flowers, store the nectar in wax comb, mix the nectar with enzymes produced in their saliva, dehydrate it to a specific moisture content, and then seal it with wax to preserve it indefinitely. Honey is the only naturally occurring food that will never go bad! Pretty amazing.

  • Honey is the only insect-produced food that consumed by humans.
  • Worker bees produce about 1/12th teaspoon of honey throughout their lifetime.
  • It is thought that honey bees will visit approximately 2,000,000 flowers to make one pound of honey!

Honey on Ya Face

Honey has a complex chemical composition that varies depending on the nectar source it originated from. It contains anti-microbial, antioxidant and wound healing properties - all of which make it a wonderful thing for your skin. The medicinal use of honey dates back 8000 years to Stone Age paintings. If you’d like to get more into the nerdy stuff, check out this study that outlines the medicinal properties of honey.


One of my favorite things about keeping bees is watching the fascinating life cycle of the hive - a lot of which revolves around the production of this incredible substance. Honey bees tend to produce excess amount of honey, and responsible beekeepers will judge how much the bees need to comfortably survive the winter and take what’s leftover. It is a precious resource, and I always send my gratitude to the bees that worked so hard for the honey I use.


So back to our faces…  let's rub honey all over them! You may be thinking “Whaaat?!” - but don’t worry. It is sticky and definitely makes a giant mess, but honey is water soluble and rinses off easily. It’ll leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and glow-y. You’re welcome.


This is my go-to facial cleanser when I am not wearing make-up (mornings, lazy days, etc.) Honey alone won’t remove make-up completely, but it is a good follow up to oil cleansing! It’s great to leave this mask on for an extended period of time - so apply the honey before a Netflix binge. I also use honey as the base of my facial scrubs.


Honey Face Mask


  • 1 T Honey
  • 1 Drop of Tea Tree Essential Oil


  1. Rub it on your face. Try not to lick it off. 
  2. Take some sticky selfies. 
  3. Kiss someone. 
  4. Netflix. 
  5. Rinse.
The reason for the season

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