FABQs: When Should I Start My Hives? - by Bee & Bloom

FABQs: When Should I Start My Hives?

In our opinion, every good beekeeping venture starts in the winter! That is the time to read lots of books, attend classes, order equipment and reserve your bees before the crazy spring rush. This period of preparation will ensure a smooth start in the spring, allowing you to enter your first season with confidence.  Hives and bees are in high demand come spring, so having decisions made and orders placed by January will put you ahead of the curve!

Once March hits, you’ll want to have your hives built and painted, flowers planted, a water source in place and permitting taken care of. There’s nothing more stressful than having bees on the way and no place to put them. Packages and nucs will generally arrive in late April or early May, and then you’re off and running! 

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The reason for the season

Bee season is right around the corner!

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