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Meet the B&B Team: Emma, Bekah & Emily!

The Story

Bee & Bloom was founded by three bee-loving friends (an entomologist, beekeeper and pollination ecologist) in 2017. We are educators and pollinator advocates in Portland, OR, empowering our community to support the environment and all of the pollinating critters within it! We promote native bee conservation and sustainable, bee-centric beekeeping through hands-on workshops and ecotourism experiences at our pollinator sanctuary on Sauvie Island.

The Place

The Bee & Bloom pollinator sanctuary at Willow Bar Farm is located on Sauvie Island (one of the largest river islands in the world!), which is nestled in the middle of a 12,000-acre wildlife refuge. With picturesque wild lands on one side and the Columbia River on the other, we can't imagine a more beautiful place to teach folks about bees!

The Mission

Pollinators are facing a wide range of challenges today (climate change, habitat loss and rampant pesticide use to name a few). Most of us are familiar with the honeybee's struggle, but the other ~4,400 native bee species in North America are in trouble, too. We strive to increase community awareness and support for all of our pollinators!

We also aim to help urban beekeepers (and their bees) succeed by blending the latest scientific research with an experienced hand. We offer hands-on workshops, private consultations, and an online resource focused on the fundamentals of responsible beekeeping.

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The Reason For The Season

Bee season is right around the corner!

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